POEMS Syndrome

  • Acronym: Polyneuropathy-Organomegaly-Endocrinopathy-M protein-Skin changes
  • Features also sclerotic bone change.
  • M protein is monoclonal plasma proliferative disorder.
  • Peripheral neuropathy is predominate feature of this disease. Course is slowly progressive; pts have difficulty climbing stairs, gripping objects, ambulation regresses to w/c.
  • Peripheral neuropathy with prominent demyelination, some axonal loss. Focal conduction block, increased temporal dispersion of CMAP rare.
  • Peak incidence-5th, 6th decades.
  • Skin changes: hyperpigmentation (32-93%), hemagiomata (up to 26%), hypertrichosis (24-64%), opacity of fingernails
  • Sclerotic bone lesions recognized in 68%-95%

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